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Anti-Mask Law Aimed at #NoDAPL Riots Is Understandable but Still Silly

Anti-Mask Law Aimed at #NoDAPL Riots Is Understandable but Still Silly

Over the last year, as riotous extremists descended on North Dakota to sow violence and discord as a means to block the Dakota Access Pipeline, it became not at all unusual to see photos of said extremists wearing masks covering their face. North Dakota lawmakers want to make that act – wearing a mask during

Despite Class War Campaign, Turns Out Senator Heidi Heitkamp Is Part Of The 1%

During North Dakota’s Senate race last year then-candidate Heidi Heitkamp and her political party made a big issue out of her opponent Rick Berg’s wealth. Voters were treated to ads like this one casting Berg as being too rich to understand the needs of average North Dakotans. In fact, for a while during the campaign,

Under Obama, The Rich Have Gotten Richer

President Obama is nothing if not a class warrior, using the themes of the Occupy Wall Street movement to color his railing about the “1%” not “paying their fair share,” etc., etc. But what if it turned out the rich had actually gotten richer under President Obama’s governance? Remember too that from 2007 through 2010

Supporting Christopher Dorner Is Like Supporting Abortion Clinic Bombers

Perhaps it’s fitting when Occupy Wall Street is holding up Robin Hood as a hero that someone like Christopher Dorner, who went on a murder rampage after alleging that he was fired for blowing the whistle on police brutality, would also become a sort of hero to some (including, specifically, the occupiers). But what often

North Dakota Democrats Crying Over Spilled Milk

In what is perhaps the most obnoxious political stunt to date in the current legislative session, North Dakota Democrats pushed a bill (HB1421) to fund a federal program providing milk to school children during snack breaks with a state appropriation. It’s a very small program – just 6,000 kids would have qualified for it –