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Measure 1 Bans Lobbyists on the Ethics Commission, but a Measure 1 Lobbyist Has Applied Anyway

Measure 1 Bans Lobbyists on the Ethics Commission, but a Measure 1 Lobbyist Has Applied Anyway

Yesterday I wrote about a lobbyist for the North Dakotans for Public Integrity – the local front group for the Hollywood activists behind Measure 1 – who wants to serve on the state ethics committee Measure 1 created. Governor Doug Burgum is currently accepting applications to serve on the committee. Greg Stites, who was a

Democratic State Lawmaker Not Responding to Requests for Information About Attendance at Star-Studded Political Gala in Tennessee

It’s a curious thing to watch how the proponents of Measure 1 – the so called “ethics measure” which seems a lot more about restricting political speech – behave themselves. These preening martinets rail against the influence of deep-pocketed interests in politics, and yet their measure campaign was bankrolled by Hollywood activists and far left

Co-Chair of Measure 1 Committee Compares Dominant North Dakota Republicans to Nazis

Dina Butcher is a co-chair of North Dakotans for Public Integrity, the local front group for Hollywood activists looking to create an ethics commission and limits on political speech in North Dakota’s constitution. She’s the token Republican for the group, which claims to be bipartisan, but she sure doesn’t seem to like Republicans all that

Free Speech Group Says Ethics Ballot Measure May Violate the 1st Amendment

“North Dakota’s current campaign finance and lobbying laws are already unclear. The initiative could raise serious First Amendment concerns because of the additional vague rules it appears to impose on citizens and groups that wish to speak about public matters and state government,” says Eric Wang, a senior fellow at the Institute for Free Speech.

Ballot Measure Activists Supposedly Promoting Transparency in Government Still Won’t Come Clean on How They Got Their Signatures

Last week I noted that a group calling itself the North Dakotans for Public Integrity (despite being largely funded by Hollywood celebrity activists) had, per disclosures their campaign made to the state, paid some $260,000 to collect signatures for their ballot measure to amend the state constitution and create an ethics commission. “North Dakota has

Ethics Ballot Measure Committee Paid $260,000 to Collect Signatures Despite Claiming It Was a “Volunteer” Effort

A group calling itself the North Dakotans for Public Integrity announced earlier this week that their ballot measure, which would amend the state constitution to (among other things) create an ethics commission, was certified for the November ballot. In their press release announcing the news they give the impression that they collected the signatures to

A Bunch of Hollywood Celebrities Just Bought Their Way Onto North Dakota’s Ballot

Yesterday a group calling themselves the North Dakotans for Public Integrity announced that their constitutional amendment has been qualified to appear on the November ballot. Unfortunately this group is not really made up of North Dakotans. Nor do they have integrity. The ballot measure, which you can read here, is supposedly about promoting ethics. Yet

Thanks to Paid Petitioners and a Pile Left Wing Money, Group Behind Ethics Ballot Measure to Turn in Signatures Three Weeks Early

The North Dakotans for Public Integrity – a local front group for a national left wing organization called Represent.us – says they’ll be submitting “well over the required 26,904 petition signatures” to put a constitutional amendment on the statewide ballot which would create a state ethics committee. That’s according to an email they sent out

Anti-Corruption Ballot Measure Activists, Flush With Out of State Money, Looking to Hire Professional Signature Collectors

A group of people in North Dakota calling themselves the North Dakotans for Public Integrity is really just a front group for a left wing group called Represent.US as the Associated Press uncovered recently. The ballot measure they’re pushing (or ballot measures, I guess) is just a local iteration of what Represent.US calls the American