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Opponents: Conservation Measure Would Create The 6th Largest State Agency

Opponents: Conservation Measure Would Create The 6th Largest State Agency

Measure 5 on the November ballot would create a section of the North Dakota constitution diverting a big chunk of the state’s oil tax revenues into a conservation fund. It would also mandate that 75 percent of that fund be spent every year. Given that North Dakota is now the second largest producer of oil

Conservationists Spent More Than $8 Per Petition Signature

The conservation activists backing a ballot measure to divert hundreds of millions of dollars in oil tax revenues (billions over the measure’s 25 year lifespan) into a conservation fund with mandated spending turned in their signatures yesterday. And they turned in a lot. Over 41,000 according to their press release, when just less than 27,000

North Dakota Conservation Activists Aren't Honest About Cost Of The Ballot Measure

Conservation activists backing the Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Amendment are pretty sensitive about the cost of their measure. As they collect signatures to put it on the ballot in November, they claim that it will only divert about $150 million per biennium from oil extraction tax collections. Steve Adair – Ducks Unlimited regional boss

Why Are Conservationists Being So Coy About Their Signature Collection Efforts?

The activists backing a constitutional amendment to fund conservation with oil tax dollars – called the Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks amendment – have been making a full-court press for signatures. They need 26,904 signatures from North Dakota citizens by August 6th to make the November ballot. In 2013 alone they group spent over $329,000

Conservation Amendment Petitioners To Face Criminal Charges After Fight With Election Officials

Yesterday I wrote about North Dakotans for Common Sense Conservation – a group formed to oppose the Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks amendment  – which announced that they would be seeking a criminal complaint against petitioners for the conservation amendment who were apparently collecting signatures outside of polling stations. It is illegal to collect signatures

Criminal Complaint To Be Filed Against Conservation Petitioners Outside North Dakota Polling Places

It’s an election day in North Dakota. Around the state voters are going to the polls to vote on nominations for statewide elected office, a statewide ballot measure and a host of local candidates and issues. But outside some polls in the state petitioners working for the Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks amendment (the conservation