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ND Highway Patrol Says Black Patrol Cars Are Safer, but That Doesn’t Make Sense

ND Highway Patrol Says Black Patrol Cars Are Safer, but That Doesn’t Make Sense

The North Dakota Highway Patrol announced this week that the’d be transitioning their fleet of patrol vehicles from being predominantly white to predominantly black. Not particularly noteworthy news, except when you consider their justification for doing so. “Black vehicles will enhance the safety of the motoring public as well our officers, because they are easier

Audio: ND Highway Patrol Spokesman Criticizes Media Coverage of #NoDAPL Protests as “Not Appropriate”

After yesterday’s riot I had on Lt. Tom Iverson, spokesman for the North Dakota Highway Patrol, for an update on the #NoDAPL situation. During our conversation, which you can listen to in full below, Iverson launched some criticism of the way the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline and the law enforcement response to them

Internet Rumor Claiming Two Cops Have Turned in Their Badges Over #NoDAPL Protests Is “Completely False”

One thing that’s been impressive about the #NoDAPL movement is their ability to flood the zone on social media with their messaging. They can take even a patently false rumor and make it spread like wildfire. Some of the crazier claims protesters have made is that a girl was shot at a protest by a

Audio: “Absolute Bold Lie” ND Highway Patrol Spokesman Says of Claim That #NoDAPL Protesters Were Mistreated

Last week Dakota Access protesters clashed with North Dakota law enforcement when they refused to leave a stretch of public highway they were blocking, as well as private land adjacent to the highway where they were camping. In the wake of that violence many of the protesters have claimed they were mistreated. Standing Rock tribal

Law Enforcement Officers at Dakota Access Pipeline Protests Take Precautions After Social Media Threats

Law enforcement personnel working at the Dakota Access Pipeline protest near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation are taking precautions not to advertise their identities after threats were made to specific officers both online and in person. Currently work on the pipeline has been halted by Energy Transfer Partners due to safety concerns related to the on-going

Standing Rock Sioux Chairman on Highway Signs Change: “We’Re Not Happy”

The North Dakota Department of Transportation has said that their decision to strip the image of Native American leader Marcellus Red Tomahawk from the state’s highway signs had nothing to do with political correctness.  Yet emails obtained by the Associated Press (and obtained by me too) indicate the opposite. State officials had received a civil

North Dakota DOT Did Receive Civil Rights Complaint About Red Tomahawk Highway Signs Before Changing Them

Back in July I wrote a post about the North Dakota Department of Transportation removing the image of a Native American leader from the state’s highway signs. The leader in question was Marcellus Red Tomhawk who is something of a controversial figure due to his role in the death of Sitting Bull. His family members

North Dakota Law Enforcement Being Dishonest About Quotas Policies

A recent Gallup poll has indicated that American confidence in law enforcement is at a 22-year low. While most Americans do continue to say that they trust law enforcement, the downward trend should have cops worried. Here in North Dakota we’ve avoided the sort of conflict and controversy that has made national headlines in other

ND Highway Patrol Trooper Accused Of Faking Tickets Says He Resigned Over Quotas

Earlier this week we learned that North Dakota Highway Patrol trooper Jeremie Meisel had resigned amid an allegations that he’d been writing fake tickets. Today I report at Watchdog that Meisel, through his attorney, is disputing the fake tickets accusation and says the real reason he left is because of an arrest/tickets quota the Highway

ND Highway Patrol Trooper Involved In Wrong-Way Driving Incident Placed On Leave

Previously I broke a story about a North Dakota Highway Patrol Trooper who was involved in a distracted driving incident. He drove the wrong way down U.S. Highway 2 for more than four miles while talking on the phone to a commander back in January, but an investigation into the incident wasn’t started by the