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NDSU President Dean Bresciani: We Still Might Implement Those Media Restrictions I Said I Was Disappointed In

NDSU President Dean Bresciani: We Still Might Implement Those Media Restrictions I Said I Was Disappointed In

Why can’t NDSU President Dean Bresciani shoot straight? As the State Board of Higher Education begins the process of a formal inquiry into Bresciani’s handling of controversy around absurd media restrictions instituted by the schools athletics department, the president tells my colleague Mike McFeely that the school still might institute them. You can listen to

SBHE Audit Committee to Review Bresciani Text Messaging Controversy Tomorrow

UPDATE: The audit committee has authorized an independent investigator to review the controversy. The State Board of Higher Education has just released an agenda for a meeting of their Audit Committee scheduled for tomorrow. It seems to be something of a hastily arranged thing, what with the members of the committee meeting by conference call. You

On Shooting the Messenger

The reaction to the controversy surrounding NDSU President Dean Bresciani has been pretty fierce, and there has been a lot of invective hurled at myself and my employers at Forum Communications Company over the matter. Some of it from rabid football fans. Some of it from loyal alumni. Some of it from competing media outlets.

A Reminder That Dean Bresciani’s Problems Go Beyond Some Ill-Advised Text Messages

NDSU President Dean Bresciani has come under an unprecedented level of fire after I broke a story last week using text messages which showed that he lied about his position on controversial media restrictions for covering university athletics events. That story prompted the Fargo Forum editorial board to call for Bresciani’s resignation. Which was a big

In Email to NDSU Employees President Dean Bresciani Admits Text Messages Were “Not Appropriate”

In an email sent out to the entire NDSU campus this morning President Dean Bresciani admits that text messages he sent supporting controversial media restrictions he later rescinded were “not appropriate.” I broke the story about the text messages on Friday, and in a subsequent editorial the Fargo Forum has asked for Bresciani to resign.

In Editorial Fargo Forum Asks for NDSU President Dean Bresciani’s Resignation Calling Him an “Embarrassment”

Yesterday I broke a story about North Dakota State University President Dean Bresciani lying to the public about his support for restrictions placed on media covering Bison athletics events. Today, in an editorial, the Fargo Forum calls for Bresciani to resign. An excerpt: Is this the type of leadership we want for our 14,000 sons and

NDSU Rescinds Ridiculous Media Restrictions as Bresciani Claims He Wasn’t Aware of Them

After widespread outcry, North Dakota State University has decided to roll back its draconian and completely ridiculous restrictions on media covering university athletics events. President Dean Bresciani is now claiming that he wasn’t aware of the rules. Athletic Director Matt Larsen is falling on the sword, apologizing for instituting them: President Dean Bresciani directed the athletics

NDSU’s Ridiculous Media Policy Is Why President Dean Bresciani Has to Go

North Dakota State University President Dean Bresciani is on the bubble. While every other president in the North Dakota University System under consideration got their contracts renewed the State Board of Higher Education decided to put Bresciani on an improvement plan. He’ll be working with Chancellor Mark Hagerott to address a set of goals set

Court Cases Are Being Dismissed Because North Dakota Campus Cops Aren’t Following the Law

A little over a year ago the North Dakota Supreme Court handed down an opinion in Kroschel v. Levi which stated that state law prohibits campus police officers from patrolling off campus. You’d think that would have stopped campus cops, then, from patrolling off campus. Only it hasn’t. Since then many cases have been dismissed because

Ridiculous: Positive Report on NDSU’s Fiscal Health Is Based on Private Foundation’s Money

With North Dakota State University President Dean Bresciani on the bubble in terms of keeping his job his allies and media sycophants are circling the wagons. Their mission is to paint this bureaucratic cancer who has presided over sub-par academic outcomes and served as a belligerent sort of obstacle to creating a unified statewide university