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NDDOT Attaches Ridiculous Fiscal Note to Bill to Increase the Speed Limit

NDDOT Attaches Ridiculous Fiscal Note to Bill to Increase the Speed Limit

Before the Legislature in Bismarck for this session are two bills to increase North Dakota’s speed limits. One is SB2057, introduced by Senator Lonnie Laffen, a Republican from Grand Forks, to raise the speed limit on the state’s interstates to 80mph. The other is HB1184, introduced by Rep. Ben Koppelman, a Republican from West Fargo.

Red Tomahawk Descendants Aren’t Pleased With NDDOT Change to Highway Signs

Earlier this month I was the first to report that the North Dakota Department of Transportation had quietly begun to remove the image of Native American leader Marcellus Red Tomahawk from the state’s highway signs. Today in an Associated Press report a descendant of Red Thomahawk and a tribal historian express disappointment and frustration with the

Wow: North Dakota's Oil Patch Traffic Fatality Rate Hasn't Increased From A Decade Ago

I went on a mission to track down data for traffic and fatality rates in North Dakota – particularly in the oil patch – and what I ended up finding shocked me. As it turns out, the traffic fatality rates in western North Dakota really haven’t increased at all over the last decade. Let me

ND Crash Rates Are Lower In Oil-Producing Counties

Yesterday Watford City Mayor Brent Sanford pinned the traffic deaths of two teenagers in his community on the state government, claiming state leaders aren’t sufficiently funding infrastructure in the oil patch. “It makes me sick to think of children dying on our roads,” Brent Sanford told The Bismarck Tribune. “It’s a nightmare.” “We’ve got two-lane

Watford City Mayor Blames Car Crash Fatalities On The State

Two teenagers from Watford City died this week after their car spun out of control on some ice and crashed into an oncoming semi. The crash was horrific; the deaths tragic. But the Mayor of Watford City has decided to turn their deaths into political capital, blaming the state for their deaths, and that’s unconscionable: