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Drones Are Stealing North Dakota Air Space

Drones Are Stealing North Dakota Air Space

North Dakota blogger, and pilot, Julie Neidliner has a lengthy and detailed post about the impact on state air space of the drone research program moving in at the University of North Dakota. To date most of the concerns about drones have focused, understandably, on privacy concerns. But as a pilot, Neidlinger has a different

Proposed Ski Resort Purchase By State Of ND Being Sold Under False Pretenses

Last month I wrote about an amendment to North Dakota’s Parks and Recreation budget authorizing the purchase of a ski slope near Walhalla in the northeast part of North Dakota. In floor debate over the amendment, Rep. Jim Kasper questioned the originator of the amendment Rep. Dave Monson about the reason for the purchase. To

Performance Audit Seems To Back Up Chancellor Shirvani's Call For More Central Control Over University System

The North Dakota State Auditor’s office has released a performance audit report (see below) for the North Dakota University System central office, and it’s hard not to see the report as strengthening embattled Chancellor Hamid Shirvani’s position. Shirvani caused a lot of political indigestion when one of his first moves, upon taking the chancellor position,

Some ND Legislators Clearly Apprehensive About Vote For Obamacare Expansion Of Medicaid

“I attended a Legislative Forum Sunday night and this was distributed to us,” a reader told me in an email last night attaching the document below which was apparently written by Rep. Alan Fehr (R-Dickinson). “I asked why ND was one of only 6 who are considering signing up for this and was told that

Despite High High School Graduation Rates, 28% Of ND College Students Need Remedial Classes

Today North Dakota’s Department of Public Instruction issued a press release touting high graduation rates among North Dakota students. According to the latest data, North Dakota ranks in a six-way tie for 4th place with an 86% graduation rate which is only two points off the national leader Iowa with an 88% rate. “The federal

SAB Legislative Hall Of Shame Week 8: Rep. Dave Monson

The last week of the legislative session before crossover was a busy one. Both chambers of the legislature were in floor session for hours and hours as lots of important and controversial bills got their votes. So picking a Hall of Shame winner this week was tough. There were a lot of legislators who deserved

Bills To Allow Concealed Carry In Churches And Schools Get Big Changes

At the beginning of the legislative session there were two bills to allow churches and school districts to change their policies to allow concealed carry on their property: HB1283, introduced by Rep. Kim Koppelman (this bill addressed both schools and churches), and HB1215 introduced by Rep. Dwight Kiefert (Kiefert’s bill only addressed schools). Both bills

When Sports Journalism Is An Oxymoron

Earlier this week the University of North Dakota made national headlines when they suspended a play-by-play announcer, Paul Ralston, for telling the truth when the university’s basketball team pulled off a “choke job” (his words) at the end of a game. Now, it’s undeniable that the team choked. The fans knew it. The coach admitted

Expanding Medicaid In North Dakota Would Be Short Sighted

Governor Jack Dalrymple has broken ranks with Republican opponents of Obamacare nationally and slipped the expansion of Medicaid, called for in the Obamacare law, into his budget. Dalrymple’s case for the expansion? The federal government is paying for it (at least in the short term) and Dalrymple thinks that’s “no cost” money. Because we, uh,

"You Can Always Try"

Tonight at 9:00pm central time CNN will air an interview filmed in Minot, ND, between Jake Tapper and soon-to-be Medal of Honor winner U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Clinton Romesha. Romesha led a battle at Combat Outpost Keating in October 2009. He’s currently in North Dakota working in the oil patch. Here’s an excerpt from the