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For The Left Gosnell's Victims Were Just Fetuses

For The Left Gosnell's Victims Were Just Fetuses

Kermit Gosnell today got three convictions for first-degree murder. Now, to be clear, the victims of those murders were three of the hundreds of children Gosnell killed through decapitation and other methods. But you couldn’t tell that from the way the left is reacting to the sentencing. According to the New York Times, Gosnell’s victims

Opposing Abortion In Instances Of Rape Is Ok If You're An Obama Nominee

Remember when liberals were flipping out about a “war on women” because certain Republican candidates didn’t think abortion was ok in instances of rape? Well stand by for those same liberals to flip out because Obama’s pick for Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagle, doesn’t support abortion in instances of rape. Here it comes. Any minute