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Official National Weather Service Twitter Account for Eastern North Dakota Calls Mitt Romney a “Fraud”

Official National Weather Service Twitter Account for Eastern North Dakota Calls Mitt Romney a “Fraud”

Something odd happened on the official, verified National Weather Service account for eastern North Dakota today. It posted a message, responding to Republican Mitt Romney, calling the one-time Presidential candidate a “fraud.” I didn’t get a chance to capture which Romney tweet this was in response to before it was deleted, but I’m pretty sure

Could Rule 40 For GOP Into Brokered Convention In 2016?

A brokered political convention, one where there is no clear nominee heading into a political party’s national convention, is something political wonks like to talk about but which hasn’t been a reality for decades (Adlai Stevenson’s nomination by Democrats in 1952 was the last truly brokered convention). But North Dakota Republican National Committeeman Curly Haugland

From the Left: Michele Bachmann Leaves Congressional Subsidy Behind

Tuesday morning, I was shocked to check my morning news feed and find out that Congresswomen Michele Bachmann (R-MN) would leave Congress at the end of her fourth term in office. This is a good thing for all Americans and a great thing for both Republicans and Democrats in Minnesota’s 6th congressional district. Bachmann has

Republicans Don't Have A Gender Problem, They Have A Race Problem

Mark Perry takes a look at some of the demographic breakdowns from the 2012 presidential election and finds some interesting results. Despite the “war on women” narrative, Romney actually beat Obama among white women by 16 points. The problem is that, overall, Romney lost women by 11 points. The take-away from these numbers is that

Colin Powell: Republicans "Still Look Down On Minorities"

It seems odd for the first African American Secretary of State, appointed to his position by a Republican President, would say something like this but according to Colin Powell the GOP has a “a dark vein of intolerance.” So what, specifically, is evidence of this “vein of intolerance” according to Powell? Stuff that, frankly, isn’t