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Gov. Doug Burgum, right, speaks with Lt. Gov. Brent Sanford as they walk down Second Avenue with Mayor Shaun Sipma, left. Minot Daily News photo

Mayor Disappointed He Won’t Get to Keep Jacking up Fees for People Who Can’t Vote Against Him

Mayor Disappointed He Won’t Get to Keep Jacking up Fees for People Who Can’t Vote Against Him

“We’re deeply disappointed by the sole action of Representative Dan Ruby for making this local control matter a State issue,” Mayor Shaun Sipma says. Sipma is responding to legislation passed in Bismarck this session which restricts the ability of cities to charge citizens in extraterritorial zoning areas more for building permits. The genesis for the legislation

Minot City Manager Tom Barry stands outside City Hall Dec. 8. Jill Schramm/Minot Daily News

City Tells Citizens Who Can’t Vote in City Elections They Have to Pay Double for Building Permits

Extra-territorial zoning is an odd bit of North Dakota law which allows for municipal governments to extend their governance beyond city limits. Unfortunately for the people who live in those areas, they don’t get a say in city government. A particularly egregious example of this is the plight of Patti Eisenzimmer, a resident of rural Minot

State Rep. Andrew Maragos speaks to fellow Republican Bob Martin.

Minot Republican, Defeated in the Primary for His House Race, Considers Unusual Independent Run for the Senate

On primary day last week incumbent state Rep. Andrew Maragos, a Republican from District 3 in Minot, was defeated along with his running mate Alan Walter by two political newcomers named Jeff Hoverson and Bob Paulson. The vote, as you can see, was close: This morning I heard a rumor that Maragos might be considering

Trash waits to be collected in south Fargo. Dave Wallis / The Forum

The Government Shouldn’t Compete With Private Businesses for Profits

Garbage collection is a service that, for the most part, ought to be left to the private sector. In some communities it may make sense to have some sort of municipal garbage service. Maybe because there isn’t anyone in the private sector willing to provide it. In that situation, perhaps a government solution makes sense.

Sign outside of Minot High School's Magic City Campus.

This Is How You Inspire a Lack of Respect for Authority

A group of Minot High School students are facing criminal charges for an end-of-the-school-year prank. Three boys, ages 17-18, have been charged with disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor crime, after throwing about four water balloons in the school lunch room. From the Minot Daily News: Assistant superintendent Kim Slotsve refused on Friday afternoon to comment on

Ward County Sheriff Steve Kukowski looks over plans for a jail expansion March 14 in his office in Minot. Photo by Mike Nowatzki / Forum News Service

Governor Burgum Needs to Put a Halt to Absurd Removal of the Ward County Sheriff

Back in October of 2014 a man named Dustin Irwin, who as a prisoner at the Ward County Jail here in Minot, died during a prison exchange with Burleigh County. As a result county Sheriff Steve Kukowski was charged with three Class A Misdemeanors including “public servant refusing to perform duty” and two counts of

Minot City Council Members Say Weather Channel Show Crossed Ethical Lines: “I Am Totally Disgusted”

“I was wholly disappointed,” Shaun Sipma, a member of Minot’s City Council, told me during a radio interview today referring to an episode of The Weather Channel’s “Vanishing America” show which focused on Minot’s 2011 flood. The episode aired on the channel last night. “I was expecting something completely different,” Miranda Schuler, also a member

Two More Public Officials Charged With Crimes, This Time Related To A Prisoner Death In Ward County

Earlier this week we got news about five members of the Department of Human Services – including department director Maggie Anderson, appointed to her position by Governor Jack Dalrymple – getting charged criminally for allegedly obstructing an investigation into the death of a child at a pool in Velva, southeast of Minot. Today comes news that

john hoeven

Naming A School For Senator John Hoeven Is Inappropriate

In 2007 Arkansas state Rep. Dan Greenberg got so fed up with people in his state naming things after former Governor Mike Huckabee and other politicians that he introduced what he called the “Edifice Complex Prevention Bill.” “I discovered a local park had been named after me and other legislators without my knowledge,” Greenberg told