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Are We Going to Have a Civil War in North Dakota’s Corrections System?

Are We Going to Have a Civil War in North Dakota’s Corrections System?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but this Dickinson Press report about Department of Corrections employees griping about reforms implemented by Director Leann Bertsch seems like it’s missing something. Like perhaps an acknowledgement that at least some of this criticism could be motivated by Bertsch’s push (along with Governor Doug Burgum) to withdraw the

Video: Bill Prohibiting Student Participation in School Activities After Conviction/Restraining Order Passes House

You wouldn’t think that our state would need a law like the one SB2249 proposes. You’d think that, should a student be convicted of a felony or restrained by a permanent protection order, the local coaches/teachers/administrators/school board would act, at the very least, to bar that student from participation in things like sports. Not to

We Shouldn’t Force Students to Read the Federalist Papers

Today HB1337, introduced by Rep. Mike Schatz (R-New England), got a hearing in the Senate Education Committee (it passed a floor vote in the House last month on a narrow 47-42 vote). It’s a simple piece of legislation. It would make the Federalist Papers required reading for North Dakota students. I get why Schatz introduced

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North Dakota Lawmakers Have Racked Up Seven Alcohol-Related Traffic Violations In The Last Decade

News this morning is that Minot lawmaker Roger Brabandt, a Republican who represents District 5 in the state House, has pleaded guilty to DUI after hitting a car and a tree with his 2008 Impalla back in December. His BAC level, according to the Minot Daily News, was .195 percent. The legal limit is .08.

Alternate Point Of View: E-Cigarettes Keeping Kids Away From Tobacco

“E-cigarettes more popular than tobacco among teens, survey finds” That’s the headline to a Bismarck Tribune article by Amy Sisk. And given the tone of the article, I guess we’re supposed to be alarmed that so many more kids are using e-cigarettes. Certainly that’s what North Dakota’s anti-tobacco gestapo took away. The Center for Tobacco Prevention

State Lawmaker Questions Legality Of Breathe ND's Opposition To Vaping, E-Cigarettes

North Dakota’s Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control Policy, a state agency which also operates as BreatheND, has been active in opposing the use of vaping and e-cigarettes. But a state lawmakers wonders whether or not the group has the legal authority to do that. Rep. Mike Schatz, a Republican from New England, has requested that

Common Core Opponents Lose Again, This Time On Testing Opt-Out Bill

Earlier this legislative session the opponents of Common Core education standards were dealt a blow when lawmakers defeated a bill withdrawing the state from those standards and setting up a mechanism through which they would be replaced with new standards created by the state. After that loss Common Core opponents hung their hopes on HB1283

Legislative Republicans Announce $800 Million In "Surge" Funding For Oil Patch

Earlier this year Democrats were making a stink about needing a special legislative session to address needs in western North Dakota. That part of the state is dealing with explosive growth in industry, commerce and population. Democrats argued that a special session was needed to appropriate funds to those needs. Ultimately that idea was rejected

Three ND Legislators Convicted Of Alcohol-Related Traffic Offenses

Over the weekend the Fargo Forum ran a story about “lead foot legislators,” correlating speeding offenses with the legislator’s positions on speeding fines. That was an interesting story, but an even bigger story went overlooked by the Forum, and I wonder if it had to do with the involvement of Rep. Josh Boschee who has,