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Audio: Fargo School Board Member Paul Meyers Calls In To Radio Show, Loses His Cool

Audio: Fargo School Board Member Paul Meyers Calls In To Radio Show, Loses His Cool

You’ve got to hand it to Fargo School Board member Paul Meyers. He isn’t afraid of confronting his critics. Fresh off of suggesting that Valley News Live TV host Chris Berg likes slavery or something, Meyers called in to the Jay Thomas Show on WDAY radio on Friday where I was guest hosting and accused

North Dakota District Conventions: Bismarck Area Guide

This post is part of a continuing series highlighting the potential state legislative candidates from each district for their party’s nomination. For more information on this series, refer to the “SAB’s Guide To North Dakota District Conventions: A Government Of People Who Show Up” post. The Districts: 7, 30, 32, 35, and 47 Click on a

North Dakota Property Tax Relief Probably Won't Last

The North Dakota state government’s approach to property tax relief, under Governors John Hoeven and Jack Dalrymple, has been to hide soaring local spending in state budget surpluses through buy-downs of that spending. Cumulatively, the state has bought down $1.5 billion in local spending. But don’t take my word for it. Governor Dalrymple himself used

Video: ND House Kills School Choice Bill

HB1466, introduced by Rep. Mark Dosch (listen to my interview with him here) was a school choice bill that would have allowed parents choosing a qualified public school to get 25% of their child’s share of public school funding sent by the state to the school of their choice. “It does not take away any

ND House Kills Water Bill And Treasurer's Budget, Passes Bill Allowing Review Of Executive Orders

It was a busy morning in the ND House today. Here’s a few of the key bills that got votes. First, the House killed the budget for State Treasurer Kelly Schmidt’s office (HB1005). The problem? Schmidt asked for a $10,000/year raise, and that didn’t sit well with several legislators most notably Rep. Mike Nathe and

ND Legislature Hall Of Shame Week 7: Rep. Mike Nathe

I’m a little late getting to this week’s Hall of Shame inductee thanks to a rough trip back from Phoenix where I was attending a conference over the weekend. The weather was really, really bad in Denver but thankfully my flight was one of the few to get out, though not without some delays and

Despite Claims That It's Anti-Law Enforcement, Drone Bill Passes ND Legislature

Rep. Rick Becker’s bill, HB1373, which would require law enforcement obtain a warrant before conducting surveillance on private citizens got a lengthy and often heated debate on the floor of the House today. At one point, Rep. Mike Nathe said that the bill is “anti-law enforcement” and “appeals to the black helicopter crowd.” “I trust

ND Legislature Hall Of Shame Week 4: Rep. Al Carlson

This week’s Hall of Shame honoree is Rep. Al Carlson. Carlson is the sponsor of HCR3018 which would amend the state constitution to create a tuition entitlement for North Dakota students funded by the state’s Legacy Fund (which is, in turn, funded by a portion of the state’s oil extraction tax revenues). Honorable mentions for

Democrat Proposes Tuition Freeze For North Dakota University System

Rep. Kylie Oversen has introduced HB1328 which would apply a two-year tuition freeze on the North Dakota University System. It would lock in place 2013 levels of tuition until June 30th 2015, and it would provide a $25 million appropriation to the university system to offset the lost revenues. Which is a little ridiculous given