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Federal School Lunch Crackdown Leads To Black Market For Salt Shakers And Potato Chips

Federal School Lunch Crackdown Leads To Black Market For Salt Shakers And Potato Chips

Regulations are static. Markets are dynamic. …the [Government Accountability Office] found that many students are simply bypassing the new dictums by sneaking salt and pepper shakers onto campus, even creating a clandestine market for potato chips. Technology has added pizzazz to the age-old lunch line complaints. Some students are Tweeting sad-looking lunch trays with the hashtag

Desperate For Momentum Against Kevin Cramer, Democrats Call In Ed Schultz

It’s pretty clear at this point, less than two months from election day, that Democrats need to light a fire in North Dakota’s House race or else incumbent Kevin Cramer will be elected handily to another term. So far their candidate, George Sinner, is running a listless campaign. Sinner got into the race months too

White House Pastry Chef Resigns: "I Don't Want To Demonize Cream, Butter, Sugar And Eggs"

The official White House pastry chef (yes, they apparently have one of those) is leaving, and apparently Michelle Obama’s War on Fat Kids is partly to blame. Yosses is leaving the White House in June to work on a new project focusing on “food literacy” and The New York Times says Michelle is “partly to blame.” The

Not Enough Secret Service Personnel For White House Tours, But Plenty For A Party

The scandal-plagued Obama administration isn’t canceling plans for yet another star-studded party at the White House, despite canceling tours of the presidential residence earlier this year claiming sequester spending reductions made it mandatory. Later this month the President and First Lady will play host to Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Carole King and more: As part

Not Sequestered: Obama's Household Budget Is $1.4 Billion Per Year

That’s just the household budget. The personal stuff. Not the policy stuff that’s the President’s job: We are now firmly ensconced in the brutal Age of the Sequester, and things in America are grave. The federal government, we learned on Wednesday, is so strapped for cash that the president has been forced to cut off

ABC News Conveniently Edits Michelle Obama's Reference To Automatic Weapon

Appearing in ABC News recently, First Lady Michelle Obama blamed the shooting of teenager in Chicago on an “automatic weapon.” Unfortunately, that wasn’t accurate, the weapon used according to the police report was a handgun: In an interview with Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts aired this morning, First Lady Michelle Obama recalled the tragic death

Michelle Obama's Oscars Appearance Was Genius

Much to the consternation of conservatives, First Lady Michelle Obama appeared on the Oscars last night. This prompted much eye-rolling on the right: Conservatives cringed across social media late Sunday night as the Academy Awards proved immune to avoiding perceived liberal messaging, with First Lady Michelle Obama announcing Argo as the year’s Best Picture winner.