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What Will Democrats Do if It Turns Out Trump Is Right on Trade?

What Will Democrats Do if It Turns Out Trump Is Right on Trade?

Democrats, particularly “red state” candidates like incumbent Senator Heidi Heitkamp and U.S. House candidate Mac Schneider, have placed a big bet on trade this election cycle. Specifically, they’ve positioned themselves to benefit politically from any news about chaos or failure from the Trump administration’s efforts to negotiate better international trade agreements. Thus the news this

Taxing Mexican Imports Means American Taxpayers Will Be Paying for the Border Wall

President Donald Trump insists that Mexico will be paying for his proposed border wall between our two countries. Mexico, meanwhile, has pushed back saying they definitely aren’t paying for America’s wall. Yesterday the Trump administration finally floated an idea for how they might get Mexico to pay for the wall despite their unwillingness to do

California Legalizes Pot, Drug Dealers Move To New York

There’s a fascinating lesson in the economics of prohibition to be learned from this report of a drug dealer who moved from California, where marijuana is basically legal, to New York where it remains illegal: Meet Chuck, a San Francisco marijuana dealer, who came to New York from California to sell weed because, in New