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Keystone Pipeline Bill Fails In The Senate

Keystone Pipeline Bill Fails In The Senate

This sums up what happened pretty succinctly: Just heard a loud thump, I think it was the Democratic Party bus… Must have run over someone… #Landrieu — William J. Upton (@wupton) November 18, 2014 The final vote was 59-41, and there was a protest on the floor at the end of the vote, some sort

All Of A Sudden Democrats Want To Approve The Keystone Pipeline

For years now Democrats have stymied the build-out of oil pipelines, most notably the Keystone XL pipeline which, far from being unique, would add to thousands of miles of already existing Keystone pipelines in Canada and the United States. The State Department, under President Obama, has refused to sign off on the part of the

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Do Pro-Keystone Democrats Really Want To Build The Pipeline, Or Just Get Re-Elected?

On Friday North Dakota Senator John Hoeven was interviewed on CSPAN about his efforts to push a bill through the Senate that would approve the Keystone XL pipeline project. Senator Hoeven, a Republican, is counting on a number of Senators from across the partisan divide to get the legislation passed in the Democrat-controlled Senate. But

Senator Heidi Heitkamp Backs Big Changes To Obamacare

With Democrats looking extremely vulnerable this election cycle, particularly Senate Democrats, a group of self-styled Democrat moderates (and one independent) have joined forces to propose some major changes for Obamacare. North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp is one along with Senator Mary Landrieu, D-Louisiana; Senator Mark Begich, D-Alaska; Senator Mark Warner; D-Virginia; Senator Angus King, I-Maine;

Democrat Senator: Discretionary Budget Is Not Out Of Control "Despite What You Hear On Fox News"

Senator Mary Landrieu (D – LA) wants you to know that she has had enough of budget cuts to the discretionary budget. “I am not going to keep cutting the discretionary budget, which by the way is not out of control, despite what you hear on Fox News,” said Senator Landrieu during a floor speech.