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Rep. Joshua Boschee, D-Fargo

Is North Dakota’s First Openly Gay Lawmaker an Anti-Gay Bigot?

Is North Dakota’s First Openly Gay Lawmaker an Anti-Gay Bigot?

“Bigotry is alive and well in Bismarck,” writes Jim Shaw in his most recent column. “The North Dakota Legislature is standing still while the country goes forward on LGBT rights and protections,” he continues. It’s refreshing to see Shaw take a break from whining in print about former Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s loss in the last

Participants in the F-M Protest for Love gather on the Main Avenue bridge between Fargo and Moorhead. (David Samson / The Forum)

Do North Dakota Gay Rights Activists Really Want to Achieve Their Objectives?

State Rep. Mary Johnson, a Republican from Fargo, has introduced legislation to address alleged discrimination based on sexual orientation in areas like hiring and housing. It’s HB1441, which you can read in full below. Perhaps more interesting than Johnson’s bill, however, is the reaction from supposed gay rights activists who are coming out in opposition

A Grand Forks Sheriff sets up a parameter along with multiple law enforcement agencies after a car chase ended on the northwest side of Grand Forks on Friday, June 2, 2017. (Joshua Komer / Grand Forks Herald)

Legislation Introduced to Deny Reserve Law Enforcement Officers Power to Arrest, Carry a Gun

Earlier this month Fargo defense attorney Mark Friese wrote a guest post here on SAB regarding the use of reserve officers by North Dakota law enforcement agencies. “To the surprise of many, including me—a formerly licensed police officer and lawyer—North Dakota law exempts ‘reserve officers’ from licensing, oversight, training, and regulation,” he wrote. “Even more

Dave Wallis/The Forum

Lawmakers Passed Solid Reforms to North Dakota’s Voter ID Laws

In their previous session North Dakota lawmakers passed a law tightening up the state’s voter ID laws. Unfortunately, those reforms were struck down by a federal judge shortly before the 2016 election, so last year the state’s residents cast ballots based on the bad old laws. Which require an ID but, if you don’t have

State Rep. Rick Becker speaks in favor of his legislation to outlaw "safe spaces" on North Dakota college campuses.

Video: Legislation Banning “Safe Spaces” on North Dakota Campuses Passes State House

HB1329, introduced by Rep. Rick Becker of Bismarck, got a “do not pass” recommendation from the House Education Committee. But when the bill came to the floor the full House overturned the committee’s recommendation and passed it on a 65-25 vote. You can read the text of the legislation here. It’s a little complicated, but