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UND President Mark Kennedy Gets It: Improved Completion Rates Need to Be the Priority in Higher Education

UND President Mark Kennedy Gets It: Improved Completion Rates Need to Be the Priority in Higher Education

UND President Mark Kennedy has a column in the Grand Forks Herald today which illustrates why he is the sort of leader the North Dakota University System has been in desperate need of. Kennedy writes about the ways in which universities like UND need to adapt to serve students of the future. The entire piece is

Governor Burgum: Everyone Wants Lower Taxes “as Long as It Doesn’t Mean Cuts in Government Jobs in Their Location”

I had Governor Doug Burgum on my radio show on Friday and we talked about property taxes and the push for health policy reform in Washington D.C. (more on those things in a moment), but the most interesting things he had to say were about higher education I think. I flagged some of Burgum’s comments

Where’s the Evidence That Successful Sports Teams Increase Enrollment at North Dakota Universities?

I am absolutely delighted at the debate we are having in North Dakota right now over the cost of collegiate sports. Things might not change much, unfortunately, and it’s clear from my email inbox and social media accounts that even talking about this stuff makes a lot of people angry. But at least we are talking

Please President Kennedy, the North Dakota University System Doesn’t Need Another Dean Bresciani

Last week the Grand Forks Herald reported a story about University of North Dakota President Mark Kennedy pushing ahead to replace a retiring event coordinator. That wouldn’t be noteworthy except that the University of North Dakota is, like the rest of state government, grappling with budget reductions. The campus is currently under a hiring freeze. So

What Was the Point, President Kennedy?

New University of North Dakota President Mark Kennedy impressed me when he rolled onto campus and appeared unafraid to put sports programs, a sacred cow on America’s campuses, on the chopping block to address the university’s budget shortfalls. He was following up on the work begun by interim President Ed Schafer. Kennedy called on the

UND President Rejects Student Demands for “Zero Tolerance” Policy Towards Controversial Speech

College campuses are, on the whole these days, not an entirely welcoming place when it comes to controversial speech. From comedians afraid to tell provocative jokes at college gigs to political speakers unwelcome becomes they don’t adhere to certain progressive dogmas, America’s campuses have developed a belligerent sort of opposition to diversity of thought and speech.

Slaughtering Sacred Cows Is Hard Work

I have to take exception to my colleague Brad Schlossman’s characterization of the University of North Dakota’s approach to making cuts to the athletics department. “In next week’s act of the Three-Ring Circus, six UND head coaches will be paraded in front of the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee and new President Mark Kennedy. They will be given

UND President Mark Kennedy Is Already Doing Better Than Dean Bresciani

Yesterday new University of North Dakota President Mark Kennedy dropped something of a bomb on his athletics department. In an email he announced that there could be more cuts coming for the athletics department, including dropping more sports programs and a change in the school’s conference affiliation. It was big news, but while Athletic Director

New University Of North Dakota President Mark Kennedy Seems To Get It

There are a lot of problems in North Dakota’s system of public universities, but if I had to describe the root problem driving everything else I would say it is a preference for quantity over quality. A desire to build little bureaucratic empires, to justify bigger campuses and bigger budgets and lavish perks, based not