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"They need to realize they're not God"

"They need to realize they're not God"

Yesterday we got news, based on released law enforcement reports on the incident, that a SWAT team commander involved in the Fargo standoff with Marcus Schumacher (which resulted in the death of Fargo PD officer Jason Moszer) had authorized negotiators to suggest suicide to Schumacher. Today comes powerful comments from Schumacher’s widow who, as you

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Fargo SWAT Commander Authorized Negotiators To Urge Suicide During Marcus Schumacher Standoff

A bombshell from the Archie Ingersoll in the Fargo Forum today. Apparently, in the heat of the standoff which resulted in the death of Fargo police officer Jason Moszer, a SWAT team commander wanted negotiators to urge the shooter to commit suicide. Lt. William Ahlfeldt, who is a team commander with the Red River Valley

Some Thoughts On How To Reform North Dakota's Gun Laws After Officer Moszer's Death

After Fargo police officer Jason Moszer was killed a couple of weeks ago it came to light that the man who was in a standoff with Moszer and other officers, one Marcus Schumacher, had legal access to guns even though he’d previously been convicted of a felony. I should be clear that we don’t know

Giving Gun Rights Back To Convicted Felons Has A Long History Of Bipartisan Support In North Dakota

In a post yesterday I wrote that North Dakota should make some changes to how some convicted criminals might get their gun rights back. This is an important topic right now after Fargo police officer Jason Moszer was shot during a standoff with a man named Marcus Schumacher who was in possession of guns despite

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Felons Should Be Stopped From Automatically Getting Their Gun Rights Back In North Dakota

UPDATE:¬†Initially this post said I was the first to report that Schumacher could legally obtain a gun. Per the comments, it turns out I wasn’t. WDAY had the story on February 12. I missed that one. Last week I reported that Marcus Schumacher, the man who shot Fargo police officer Jason Moszer, could legally obtain

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Officer Moszer's Killer May Have Gotten His Gun Rights Back Automatically

Yesterday Valley News Live reported that a state law allowed Marcus Schumacher, the man who killed Fargo police officer Jason Moszer, to get his gun rights back. “Valley News Live Reporter Bradford Arick spoke with the ATF Thursday afternoon, who confirmed they have been investigating how Schumacher was able to get a gun,” the report