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There Is No Oil Bust In North Dakota

There Is No Oil Bust In North Dakota

Over the weekend I wrote about an article in the Atlantic headlined, “A North Dakota Oil Boom Goes Bust.” It was written by former Bismarck Tribune reporter Mara Van Ells and, frankly, it doesn’t reflect reality here in North Dakota. As North Dakota-based Reuters reporter Ernest Scheyder wrote on Twitter, there is no bust and Van Ells’ reference to “Exxon

Are Some In The National Media Rooting For A North Dakota Oil Bust?

Back in 2009 Rush Limbaugh stirred controversy, as he usually does, by telling his radio audience that he hoped President Barack Obama would fail. Now, in Limbaugh’s defense, he was talking about his desire to avoid the sort of policy reforms Obama was intent on implementing. I don’t think Limbaugh was saying he wanted people