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Burgum Rips Stenehjem In Mailer For Siding With Obamacare In Lawsuit

Burgum Rips Stenehjem In Mailer For Siding With Obamacare In Lawsuit

Back in February of last year I was the first to report that North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem was the only Republican Attorney General to sign on to an amicus brief defending Obamacare in the King versus Burwell Supreme Court case. Now that Stenehjem is in the midst of a battle for the NDGOP nomination

Supreme Court: Obamacare Subsidies In Federal Exchanges Are Legal

The Supreme Court today issued their ruling in the King vs. Burwell case which challenged the legality of subsidies paid through the federal exchanges. Under the Obamacare law as written, citizens are eligible for insurance subsidies only for each month they are “enrolled in through an Exchange established by the State.” The whole “established by the State”

But What About The People Who Aren't Getting Obamacare Subsidies?

There is a lot of buzz about the potential political impact of the Supreme Court’s ruling on King vs. Burwell. The plaintiffs in that case are arguing that federal subsidies for health insurance policies bought through the federal Obamacare exchange are illegal because, you know, that’s what the law says and stuff. The plain text of

ND Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem: "No Comment" On Pro-Obamacare Filing UPDATED: Now With Comment

King vs. Burwell is a case before the Supreme Court challenging the legality of a central piece of Obamacare policy. It relates to a dispute over how the law distributes subsidies for health insurance plans. Currently the federal government is subsidizing insurance plans whether they’re purchased through the state-run exchanges or the federal exchange (North Dakota