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SBHE Member Kevin Melicher Is Out as Six Candidates Advance to Fill Vacancies

SBHE Member Kevin Melicher Is Out as Six Candidates Advance to Fill Vacancies

Kevin Melicher, who was appointed to the State Board of Higher Education by former Governor Jack Dalrymple, was never perceived as a strong pick. He embarrassed himself in front of a state Senate committee reviewing his appointment, and that appointment was only narrowly approved by a vote of the full chamber after a lengthy debate.

If Dean Bresciani Wants His Contract Discussions to Be Open to the Public He Should Request It Himself

From 2010 through today the North Dakota University System and its various component institutions and foundations have been found by the North Dakota Attorney General’s office to have violated state open records and open meetings laws no fewer than 19 times. These violations represent just over 17 percent of all the open records/open meetings opinions

After Lengthy Debate, And With Some Serious Misgivings, Senate Narrowly Approves Melicher For SBHE

Despite an abysmal performance in support of his own candidacy before a Senate committee, resulting in that committee recommending against appointment, Dalrymple SBHE nominee Kevin Melicher was confirmed today on a 27-18 vote (he needed 24 votes). The debate was interesting in that every single speaker who rose, even those who spoke in support of

SBHE Candidate Steps Down After SAB Post

Yesterday I wrote about SBHE member Kevin Melicher embarrassing himself during testimony before a Senate committee. The guy was clueless about some of the scandals which happened at Dickinson State University, though today the¬†Fargo Forum editorializes in his defense¬†which isn’t surprising because he’s definitely a rubber stamp for NDSU on the board (the guy is

Will The Senate Approve SBHE President's Re-Appointment?

According to a press release just sent out by Governor Jack Dalrymple’s office, he’s re-appointing State Board of Higher Education President Kirsten Diederich to a second four-year term and also appointing Kevin Melicher to his first term. The Diederich choice is interesting as some legislators have made noises about not approving Diederich if she is