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Bill Would Mandate Breathalyzers in North Dakota Bars

Bill Would Mandate Breathalyzers in North Dakota Bars

Drunk driving is a problem in North Dakota, thanks to a one-two punch of a cultural affinity for alcohol here coupled with a lot wide open spaces and long roads home. Even in the state’s larger communities, historically it’s not been easy to get public transportation or even a cab ride home. But would a

Audio: Lawmaker Says as Many as 50 Percent of Women Who Work at Legislature Have Experienced Sexual Harassment

With one ugly story after another about sexual harassment and abuse making headlines nationally, in Bismarck lawmakers have begun discussing their own policies on the matter. This week the Legislative Procedure and Arrangements Committee met to discuss the matter. A member of that committee, Rep. Kathy Hogan (D-Fargo), spoke with me on air today and made

Video: House Democrat Insults Sponsor of Refugee Study “Born in Prejudice and Suspicion”

Earlier this month a bill which would have required more data collection on the social and fiscal impacts of refugee resettlement in our state, and allowed for the state and its political subdivisions to pause resettlement if deemed necessary, was turned into a study after hours of emotional testimony in committee. But even though the