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When Is It Reasonable For The Government To Break The Law?

When Is It Reasonable For The Government To Break The Law?

Yesterday the Supreme Court handed down a ruling on a search and seizure case which didn’t get a lot of attention in the media but should have. Heien vs. North Carolina¬†related to a traffic stop which led to a drug arrest. The stop was initiated when an officer noticed a broken brake light, and drugs

Supreme Court Strikes Down Limit On Overall Campaign Contributions

The Supreme Court ruled today that federal limits on overall campaign giving are unconstitutional. They didn’t address the issue of individual campaign contributions – for instance, you can still give only $2,600 to any single federal candidate during the general election period ¬†– but caps on giving to multiple candidates are no more. The Supreme

How Jack Dalrymple Is Helping To Implement Obamacare

The fight against Obamacare has become a war of attrition and, as George Will notes in his column today, those who would implement that awful policy are caught between a rock and a hard place because of the manner in which Supreme Court upheld the law. Obamacare requires that insurance companies accept all new customers,