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Video: HBO’s John Oliver Mocks Fargo’s Decision to Give Economic Incentives to FedEx

Video: HBO’s John Oliver Mocks Fargo’s Decision to Give Economic Incentives to FedEx

The City of Fargo made a big mistake when they agreed to FedEx $660,000 in tax incentives to move a facility to their community from Grand Forks. Not only was this a problematic move given that Fargo was essentially using economic development largess to poach a company from another North Dakota city (yes, that’s exactly

John Oliver Is An Idiot, Or Why You Shouldn't Get Your News From A Comedian

I dislike John Oliver. In fact, I dislike the whole comedian-doing-news-and-analysis schtick, and not just because Oliver was fantastically unfair to North Dakota recently. If it were just comedy, then fine. We all like to laugh, and people like Oliver and Jon Stewart are hugely talented, and sometimes they even get it right (I’ll admit

Democrat Lawmakers Accuse Me Of Playing Games With Statistics

Democrat state Senators George Sinner (Fargo) and Phil Murphy (Portland) have a letter to the editor in the Dickinson Press today calling me out for my rebuttal of John Oliver’s commentary on worker deaths in North Dakota. First, let me say that I think it’s odd when people like Sinner and Murphy criticize me by writing letters

White Earth Spill Shows Why "Be Angry" Is Stupid Advice For North Dakota

Oil development is an emotionally charged issue, mostly because certain political interests are exhorting the public to be emotional about it. After all, wasn’t that the punch line to HBO comedian John Oliver’s polemic against North Dakota’s handling of the oil boom? One picked up by marginalized state Democrats, anxious for anything to give them

HBO Comedian John Oliver Expected To Cover The Bakken Oil Boom Sunday

HBO comedian John Oliver is expected to talk about North Dakota’s Bakken oil fields on this Sunday’s edition of his Last Week Tonight show. Oliver is a smirking talking head in the Jon Stewart category where many poorly informed Americans get their news. You know the routine. The entertainer launches into a verbal polemic about some

Civil Asset Forfeiture Is Evil

If you’ve been seeing headlines about something called “civil asset forfeiture” and wondered what all the fuss is about, you could do worse than John Oliver’s report above. It’s funny, and would be funnier if the subject matter weren’t so gob-smackingly vile. Basically, civil asset forfeiture is a process through which the police can seize