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Joel Vettel, former executive director of the Fargo Park District, stands in the Island Park gazebo June 15, 2017, near downtown Fargo. Forum file photo

These Fargo Elected Leaders Are Dodging Accountability and It Stinks

These Fargo Elected Leaders Are Dodging Accountability and It Stinks

This post might seem like an intensely local issue, important only to people who live in Fargo, but as you read this remember the same tactic could be deployed by your local leaders. Around the 4th of July holiday Fargo Park District executive director Joel Vettel – a well-known face in the community after a

Audio: Fargo Attorney Says Park District Police Department May Have Legal Issues

Yesterday I had on Fargo Park District director Joel Vettel on my radio show to talk about his desire for a Park District Police Department. Something that would facilitate the Park District hiring a sworn police officer to provide security for the city’s parks. Last night the park board moved ahead with the plan, but

Fargo Park District director Joel Vettel, then a Lieutenant for the Fargo Police Department, in March 2008. Ann Arbor Miller / The Forum

Audio: Does the Fargo Park District Really Need Their Own Police Department?

When I first read that the Fargo Park District wants its own police department my reaction was… So today I had on Park District director (and former Fargo Police Department officer) Joel Vettel to discuss the proposal. You can listen to the full audio of our interview below. What Vettel told me is that the