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ND Supreme Court: Campus Police Have No Jurisdiction Off Campus

ND Supreme Court: Campus Police Have No Jurisdiction Off Campus

The North Dakota Supreme Court today handed down a significant ruling in a DUI case today which limits the jurisdiction of campus police officers, and may call into question why the universities have their own police departments in the first place. You can read the full opinion below, but basically the defendant in the case

Records Make It Clear: NDSU President Has A Bodyguard And Chauffeur

North Dakota State University denies that President Dean Bresciani has a personal driver and bodyguard despite records indicating that the employee in question drives Bresciani regularly. NDSU claims that the university employee in question is a security liaison. Seeking a fuller understanding of what it is this “security liaison” does every day, I put in

The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum In The North Dakota University System

Today comes news that another North Dakota University System Chancellor is about to be pushed out of office after a revolt by university presidents. Leading the charge in this push is North Dakota State University loyalist (and former double-dipping employee) Senator Tony Grindberg, who today announced an amendment authorizing funds to buyout Shirvani, and the