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Don’t Let Grandstanding Lawmakers Delay Governor’s Residence Project

Don’t Let Grandstanding Lawmakers Delay Governor’s Residence Project

The governor’s residence on the capitol grounds in Bismarck has always been a fraught political topic. For years state lawmakers, led in some ways by Rep. Jim Kasper of Fargo (who has a guest post on this topic on SAB today as well), have pushed to build a new residence. The old one has a

Drama In NDGOP As Woman Challenges Gender Roles In Party

Yesterday we got news that NDGOP Chairman Bob Harms was withdrawing his bid for another term in that position, leaving only state Senator Kelly Armstrong and activist Andrea Toman as the remaining activists. But then Toman switched her bid to run for party Vice Chairman, which is a position currently held by former Insurance Commissioner

Looking To 2016: Republicans Facing Retirements, Democrats Facing Scarcity Of Candidates

With the 2015 legislative session in the books we’re heading into the doldrums of North Dakota politics. There isn’t going to be a lot of activity until this fall when candidates begin to emerge for the 2016 election year. Until then, it’s all speculation about who may be running and, just as importantly (particularly Republicans

NCAA Asks North Dakota Politicos To Take Down Fighting Sioux Banner At Frozen Four

It’s been a bad week for banners supporting the University of North Dakota’s former Fighting Sioux logo and nickname. First a sorority at UND was forced to apologize, and will be taking sensitivity training, for hanging a banner on their house that mentioned the logo controversy. Now a leader of the North Dakota Republican Party