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Marsy’s Law May Have Put North Dakota in Violation of the 8th Amendment

Marsy’s Law May Have Put North Dakota in Violation of the 8th Amendment

Marsy’s Law is yet another of the legal headaches created by North Dakota’s deeply flawed initiated measure process. Approved by voters after a slick marketing campaign bankrolled by a California billionaire (who is currently facing drug trafficking charges), Marsy’s Law created in North Dakota’s constitution what supporters call “victim’s rights” and more honest observers describe

Former NDGOP Head, Recently Elected Supreme Court Justice Named as Possible Trump Judicial Appointees

This week President Donald Trump began the process of announcing appointments to more than 100 openings in the federal judicial system. The names of a few North Dakotans are being thrown around as potential appointees for the 8th Circuit. According to Above the Law, which has a pretty good track record on this stuff, attorney

In Bizarre Letter Supreme Court Candidate Accuses Judges of Criminal and Ethical Violations

Over the past 24 hours or so my inbox has been filling up with forwards from attorneys across the state wanting me to see a missive sent out by state Supreme Court candidate Robert Bolinske. You can read the document below which Bolinske claims to have sent every licensed attorney, every newspaper, and every radio/television

Audio: North Dakota Supreme Court Candidate Says He’s Not for the Fargo “Silk Stocking People”

Yesterday reporter Mike Nowatzki wrote about an incident at a candidate forum hosted by the Cass County Bar Association where state Supreme Court candidate Robert Bolinske allegedly challenged his opponent Jerod Tufte to a fight. “It was entirely unbecoming of a judicial candidate,” Fargo attorney Nick Thornton told Nowatzki. I had Bolinske on my radio

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Non-Partisan Supreme Court Candidate Jerod Tufte Campaigns At Partisan Events

I got a few emails last night and this morning from SAB readers curious about the presence of Southeast Judicial District Judge Jerod Tufte at the NDGOP’s District 31/34 convention last night in Mandan. Tufte is running for the state Supreme Court. That’s a non-partisan position, and those campaigning for it are prohibited from seeking