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North Dakota's Common Core Roll Out Couldn't Be Going Any Worse

North Dakota's Common Core Roll Out Couldn't Be Going Any Worse

When you’re an embattled statewide elected official trying to roll out testing for a hugely controversial education initiative that was the subject of a bruising political fight at the state legislature what’s the last thing you want to happen? Computer glitches. That’s the last thing you want to happen. Apparently things are so bad federal

Health Gestapo Takes Aim At Fargo Culinary Students

At Fargo Davies High School in Fargo the students have a top-notch culinary class which runs, on a limited scale, a restaurant for students and the public. They were just profiled in theĀ Fargo Forum, as a matter of fact. But recently these students learned that they were going to have to curtail their cooking excellence.

First Shots Fired In What Promises To Be Nasty Legislative Fight Over Common Core

North Dakota’s legislative session doesn’t start until January, but already the Common Core issue is getting ugly. Last week while lawmakers were in Bismarck for caucus meetings Rep. Jim Kasper, a Fargo Republican, organized a meeting (see email here) and circulated a bill draft for legislation to withdraw North Dakota from Common Core. You can