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Prisons Aren’t Jobs Programs

Prisons Aren’t Jobs Programs

Governor Doug Burgum’s executive budget his ignited several debates over policy and spending across the state. Perhaps one of the most heated so far is the proposed relocation of the Dakota Women’s Correctional and Rehabilitation Center, a prison facility for female inmates current located in New England, North Dakota. On one side of the debate is

Cop Stopped and Searched Motorists Because They Were Suspiciously Obeying the Law

Last month a North Dakota Judge ruled that nearly 500 lbs of marijuana seized during a traffic stop could not be admitted as evidence for criminal charges against the driver and his passenger because the traffic stop itself was unconstitutional. The story made headlines because, let’s face it, that’s a lot of marijuana and losing

Essential Air Service Subsidies Are Hugely Wasteful and Trump Is Right to Cut Them

President Donald Trump’s proposed budget is causing quite a stir in political circles. Locally one cut the President proposes has our state’s congressional delegation seeing red. Particularly Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp: BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — U.S. Sen. Heidi Heitkamp says President Donald Trump’s call to eliminate subsidized air service to rural communities could hurt three

Jamestown Mayor, Leg Candidate Notifies Law Enforcement After Finding Flyer With Bullseye Drawn on Her Face

Yesterday I wrote about a group of Republican candidates in Fargo’s District 44 reporting repeated thefts and vandalism to their campaign advertising to police. Kate Andersen, the Mayor of Jamestown and a Republican candidate for the state House District 12, read that post and reached out to me about her own incident which happened over the

Let’s Take All State Institution Mandates, Including the State Hospital, Out of the Constitution

State Senator Tim Mathern, a Democrat from Fargo who is also his party’s candidate for Treasurer this election cycle, wants to remove the language from the state constitution mandating that the State of North Dakota operate a State Hospital in Jamestown. He thinks the mandate for a large facility in a specific geographic location is

Your Tax Dollars Used To Subsidized Nearly Empty Airline Flights Right Here In North Dakota

I’ve written extensively about the federal government’s Essential Air Service program, and there’s nothing essential about it. It’s an anachronism from the 1970’s when the airlines were deregulated, and it’s basically subsidies for airlines to serve low-traffic rural airports. Last night Valley News Live covered the issue as well, including reports on the program here in

Conservation Amendment Petitioners To Face Criminal Charges After Fight With Election Officials

Yesterday I wrote about North Dakotans for Common Sense Conservation – a group formed to oppose the Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks amendment  – which announced that they would be seeking a criminal complaint against petitioners for the conservation amendment who were apparently collecting signatures outside of polling stations. It is illegal to collect signatures

New "Essential Air Service" Deals Will Cost Taxpayers Nearly $125k Per Week

New Essential Air Service deals have been announced for Devils Lake and Jamestown to much ballyhoo from North Dakota’s congressional delegation and the media. “This is an example of the way federal, state, and local officials can work together to deliver results to improve the lives of North Dakotans,” Senators Heitkamp and Hoeven, along with

Jamestown Chamber Of Commerce Members Oppose Subsidies For Big Box Retail

“This town blocked a Walmart — and it was a victory for economic liberty,” read the headline for a Tim Carney column at the Washington Examiner. Carney’s column describes a town in Missouri that decided not to dole out economic development favors for Walmart. “If you want to buy and develop property that exists, you