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Hundreds of miles of pipe sit in storage in Newton, Iowa, as photographed on Wednesday, October 14, 2015. Energy Transfer Partners is preparing to build the Dakota Access pipline. (Andy Abeyta/The Cedar Rapids Gazette)

Bakken Oil Pipeline Apparently Attacked by Arsonists

Bakken Oil Pipeline Apparently Attacked by Arsonists

As the Dakota Access Pipeline faces a lawsuit here in North Dakota orchestrated by an extreme anti-oil group, in Iowa a work site for the project was apparently attacked by arsonists. In New Sharon law enforcement and fire officials say that over a million dollars worth of equipment was sent afire on purpose, which seems

Minnesota Is Losing Its Young People, And North Dakota Is Gaining Them

For a long time North Dakota had a serious problem with outmigration. Our young people were leaving the state to find opportunity elsewhere, very often in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. The result was an aging, shrinking state population. But in recent years that trend has reversed. Not only has North Dakota’s populationĀ been one, if notĀ the,