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Montana Newspaper Association Wants Concealed Carry Records Kept Partially Open

Montana Newspaper Association Wants Concealed Carry Records Kept Partially Open

With a national food-fight over gun control on-going, and media outlets publishing the home addresses of gun owners on the east coast, the Montana state legislature is considering a bill that would shut down access to records on concealed carry permit holders in their state. Unfortunately, the Montana Newspaper Association doesn’t want that to happen.

Senate Pounds Through Emergency Bill To Block Open Records Request

Yesterday I wrote about an open records I filed for comments posted in the North Dakota legislature’s bill tracking service. I was curious if those comments were open record or not, and so filed the request to find out. The response so far has been to rush though legislation to block open records requests for

"Guns Across America" Rally Coming To Bismarck This Saturday

Guns Across America is an effort to hold rallies in each state capitol across the country on January 19th. So far it seems they’ve organized in 47 states, and North Dakota is one of them. If you’re a North Dakotan, you can get more information about the rally in Bismarck here. It will be held

Obama Announces A War Of Attrition On Gun Ownership

Via the Washington Times, here are President Obama’s 23 executive orders to address gun control. The list is pretty long on asking American doctors – as though they were federal employees or something – to engage their patients on the issue of guns. Because Americans get to spend so much time talking to their doctors

A Chill Wind Blows At The State Capitol For NDUS Chancellor Hamid Shirvani

I spent most of yesterday up at the capitol in Bismarck. I was the emcee for the annual “Converge on the Captiol” event (see a news report for that here), and then went inside to wander through some committee hearings and the legislative chambers for a while. What had lawmakers buzzing was a higher education

Burglars Target Gun Owner Listed On Newspaper's Database

A seventy year old man and his property put in danger probably because of the political agenda of a newspaper editor? A White Plains residence pinpointed on a controversial handgun permit database was burglarized Saturday, and the burglars’ target was the homeowner’s gun safe. At least two burglars broke into a home on Davis Avenue

Woman Being Stalked Thanks To Newspaper Disclosing Gun Owner Addresses

Putnam County Clerk Dennis Sant, who is refusing to go along with requests for gun owner data from a newspaper that has already put the home address of tens of thousands of gun owners online, told reporters today that a retired law enforcement officer and a woman who has been the victim of stalking in