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In Defense Of Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act

In Defense Of Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act

There is a serious backlash brewing against the State of Indiana over the state’s recently-passed Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which some perceive as providing┬ácarte blanche to those who want to discriminate against gays. Celebrities and businesses are scrambling to announce boycotts of the state, and Governor Mike Pence’s support for the law seems to be

Indiana Supreme Court Rules School Vouchers Don't Violate Blaine Amendment

Recently here in North Dakota we had a debate over school choice policies and how they relate to archaic, bigoted language in the state Constitution banning state funding for “sectarian schools.” Unfortunately, the state legislature rejected both the school choice legislation introduced by Rep. Mark Dosch and a constitutional amendment introduced by Rep. Bette Grande

Shocker: New "Right To Work" State Already Attracting New Business

Back on February 2nd, USA Today reported that Indiana had become the “rust belt’s” first right-to-work state, easing laws requiring mandatory union enrollment. The state Senate voted 28-22 to pass the labor union bill as thousands of protesters packed Statehouse hallways, shouting their disapproval. Thousands more were outside waiting to get in. Gov. Mitch Daniels