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If A Trade Embargo For Cuba Is Justified, Why Not China And Vietnam Too?

If A Trade Embargo For Cuba Is Justified, Why Not China And Vietnam Too?

Yesterday Florida Republican Marco Rubio took to the floor of the Senate to lambaste a group of Senators, led by Tom Harkin of Iowa and including North Dakota’s Heidi Heitkmap, who visited Cuba and delivered a glowing report from that country back here in America. Rubio, rightly I think, read his colleagues the riot act

Government Price Controls Causes Toilet Paper Shortage In Venzuela

Remember when Hugo Chavez died, and our friends on the left were quick to eulogize him talking about all the hard work he did to make Venezuela a better place? Well, here’s a glimpse into the legacy left behind by the socialist strong man. Things are so great in Venzuela, getting toilet paper is a

Hulu Scrubs Justin Timberlake's Satire Of Hugo Chavez's Funeral

When socialist dictator Hugo Chavez passed away he was eulogized by no small number of American leftists. So it was pretty hilarious when Justin Timberlake took to Saturday Night Live to mock it. But apparently not everyone thinks so. If you want to find the clip of Timerblake’s performance on Hulu, an online streaming service

There's No Such Thing As A Starving Dictator

Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez has passed away after a long struggle with cancer. His rule was based on violent suppression of the opposition, and was grotesquely lamented by some American Democrats enamored with the socialist ideology he embraced. And, despite governing in a country so stricken by poverty that a toilet seat is something that