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Williston Mayor Told Heitkamp Campaign Not to Use His Comments as an Endorsement, They Kind of Did Anyway

Williston Mayor Told Heitkamp Campaign Not to Use His Comments as an Endorsement, They Kind of Did Anyway

As a part of her bid to get re-elected, Senator Heidi Heitkamp has been touting comments from local officials in campaign press releases. Among them Williston Mayor Howard Klug. It’s hard to say how much these local endorsements matter – typically they do little to sway voters – but a western North Dakota endorsement for

AG: City of Williston Broke Open Meeting Law With Meetings About Man Camp Ban

A federal judge has enjoined the City of Williston from enforcing a controversial ordinance which would have banned temporary worker housing businesses from operating there starting July 1. Part of the federal judge’s reasoning for issuing the injunction was his opinion that the city had likely violated their own ordinances requiring a super-majority vote to


Dear Williston: You Can't Make Them Love You

The Los Angeles Times today has a story (with contributions from former Williston Herald reporter Eric Killelea) about how Williston, North Dakota – which branded itself “Boomtown USA” during the Bakken oil boom – is handling the oil slowdown. One question which should have been asked but apparently wasn’t is how city leader now feel about their “boomtown” branding. Booms, after

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If We Have Too Much Oil Patch Housing Let's Stop Subsidizing It

In Williston housing developers – people and companies who have built apartment buildings and hotels and single-family homes – have overbuilt the market. With oil prices in the tank, and workers leaving oil patch communities, they’re finding it hard to fill what they’ve built. As a short term solution, they’ve decided to kneecap the competition.

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Developers Go To War With Man Camps Over Dwindling Demand For Housing In The Oil Patch

Oil prices are down, oil and gas development has slowed, and oil workers are leaving the state. The latest unemployment numbers from North Dakota Job Service show an unemployment rate of 2.9 percent in August, the last month for which numbers are available, up slightly from 2.7 percent in August 2014. Yet that rate doesn’t tell