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Housing Incentive Fund Is No "Scam" But It Is Bad Policy

Housing Incentive Fund Is No "Scam" But It Is Bad Policy

I have a column in the Grand Forks Herald today about the Housing Incentive Fund which state lawmaker and NDGOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Becker recently called a “scam.” I don’t think it’s at all fair for Becker to call the fund a scam. As I write in the column, “Becker is being unfair in calling the

Is North Dakota At Risk Of A Development Bubble?

For those of us living in or near the oil patch, watching as hotel after hotel is built has become a common sight along with development of new housing and businesses. But are we in danger of supply of housing supply – hotel rooms, apartments and homes – outstripping demand? “Minot hotel occupancy is down,”

ND House Strips $30 Million From Dalrymple's Budget For Housing Incentive Fund

Today there was floor debate over Governor Jack Darlymple’s Housing Incentive Fund. The fund asks for private sector donations to subsidize low-income housing, for which contributors get a dollar-for-dollar tax credit up to a $15 million total cap. Which basically means the taxpayers are ultimately footing the bill. The fund barely hit its $15 million

Dalrymple's State Of The State

If you missed Governor Jack Dalrymple’s State of the State address today, you should be able to catch the archive here, and the gov’s press release is below. You can fast forward through about the first 30 minutes of nonsense. Only in government does it take 30 minutes to usher people into a room and

Dalrymple's Housing Incentive Fund Is A Transfer Of Wealth From Taxpayers To Property Developers

I’ve written before that Governor Jack Dalrymple’s Housing Incentive Fund, which gives dollar-for-dollar tax credits to individuals and businesses who contribute, is little more than an elaborate taxpayer subsidy for property developers. The idea is that the fund encourages private philanthropists to help fund the building of low-income housing in the state. “The fund was