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The Malthusians Have Been Wrong About Peak Oil For More Than A Century

The Malthusians Have Been Wrong About Peak Oil For More Than A Century

We were supposed to have run out of oil by now. Yet here we are, with surging domestic oil production and falling gas prices. What the hell happened? The end of oil was first predicted in 1909, according to this handy timeline from Gizmodo. We heard that the end of oil was near again in 1919.

Thanks To Fracking, European Manufacturers Relocating To America

When we talk about oil and gas development in the United States, we usually talk about the number of people the oil industry hires. Or maybe gas prices or “energy independence.” But what about the fact that America’s natural gas boom, which like our oil boom was brought about by the development of frackign and

Thanks Fracking: US Oil Imports Continue To Fall

For years the proponents of green energy subsidies told us we had to shower subsidies on things like ethanol and wind power to “end our dependence on foreign oil.” Well, our dependence on foreign oil is shrinking these days, but not because of any government policy. The oil and gas revolution kicked off by innovations

US Oil Production Grew More In 2012 Than Any Other Year In History

Remember “peak oil?” The theory that we would one day run out of oil – just a few decades ago people were predicting it would happen in our lifetimes – has been, along with “global warming,” the primary justification for billions of dollars in government largess dumped on the so-called “green” or “renewable” energy industry.