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North Dakota University System Has Violated Transparency Laws 17 Times Since 2010

North Dakota University System Has Violated Transparency Laws 17 Times Since 2010

When the Higher Learning Commission, which accredits the North Dakota University System, was in the state recently to investigate complaints filed with them over the university system’s leadership they gave that leadership high marks for transparency. “The team’s review of many NDUS and HLC documents, coupled with individual and group interviews with NDUS staff and SBHE

The Biggest Threat To Accreditation Comes From The State Board Of Higher Education

Apologists for the North Dakota University system – including university system officials themselves and their sycophants among the state’s commentators and editorialists – have worked themselves into a high dudgeon over a report from the Higher Learning Commission claiming that Measure 3 is a threat to accreditation. Which, of course, isn’t accurate. What the HLC

Senator Hogue: With Measure 3, Legislature Wants To Avoid "Risks Of Doing Nothing"

Senator David Hogue of Minot appeared last night on Chris Berg’s 6:30 Point of View program. Senator Hogue was one of the sponsors of the legislation that became Measure 3 on the statewide ballot. For the uninitiated, if that measure passes it would amend the state constitution to remove the existing part-time State Board of

Higher Learning Commission Can Find No Provision In Measure 3 To Threaten Accreditation

In addition to their report yesterday, the Higher Learning Commission (the accreditor for North Dakota’s state universities) has issued a report on Measure 3, a constitutional amendment that would replace the current State Board of Higher Education with a three-member commission. There’s a lot of spin in the report – the entirety of which you

Higher Learning Commission Dismisses Complaints Of Legislative Meddling In University System

Back during the tenure of embattled former Chancellor Hamid Shirvani there were complaints filed with the North Dakota University System’s accreditor – the Higher Learning Commission – claiming that Shirvani’s leadership was violating accreditation policies. Since then Shirvani was pushed out by the university presidents, rendering many of the complaints moot, but the HLC decided

Higher Ed Bureaucrats Need To Put Up Or Shut Up On Ballot Measure

In November, North Dakota voters will cast their ballots on a constitutional amendment – Measure 3 – that would replace the existing part-time State Board of Higher Education with a new, full-time, three-member higher education commission. The amendment was put on the ballot by a Legislature frustrated by an endless stream of incompetence and fraud from the

Legislative Council: No University System Has Lost Accreditation Because Of Changes To Governance

On the ballot this November will be a measure to amend North Dakota’s constitution to change the way the university system is governed. Currently the system is nominally governed by a board of part-time appointees (though some might argue that, in truth, the university presidents are running the show and that’s a big part of the

Accreditation Will Be The Stick Used To Beat Higher Ed Reform To Death

Yesterday the state House voted to concur with the Senate’s amendments to HCR3047 which replaces the state’s current governing structure for higher education – both the chancellor position and the board – with an appointed three-member higher education commission which must operate in accordance with statute set by the legislature. During the floor debate, Democrat

Former North Dakota University President Files 48 Page Complaint About State Board Of Higher Education

Ellen Chaffee, a former President of Mayville State University and Democrat Ryan Taylor’s gubernatorial running mate in last year’s election, has filed a 48-page complaint with the Higher Learning Commission. She claims, among other things, that the State Board of Higher Education has cut off communications with university presidents instead choosing to communicate through Chancellor

A Governor-Appointed Chancellor Can Lose Us Accreditation, But Not Hundreds Of Phony Degress?

At the Grand Forks Herald today, the editorial board engages in a bit of fear-mongering over proposed changes to how the state’s university system is governed. The Herald, apologists for the state’s universities and proponents of the university system (which gobbles up more than $1 billion of our tax dollars every biennium) being “independent” of