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Heimdal Derailment Shows That Oil Train Problem Is Improving

Heimdal Derailment Shows That Oil Train Problem Is Improving

Earlier this week another oil train derailed, this time near Heimdal in central North Dakota. Anti-oil activists could almost be heard panting in their excitement, rushing to the media with talking points about “bomb trains” and lax regulation of oil shipped on America’s rail lines. Rep. Ron Guggisberg, a North Dakota Democrat from Fargo, went

Video: ND Democrat Makes Political Hay On Heimdal Derailment On MSNBC

I’ve never understood why North Dakota Democrats agree to go on MSNBC. It can’t be good messaging. For one thing, how many people in North Dakota are actually watching? MSNBC gets less than 400,000 viewers per night nationally these days. Of that total, how many are in North Dakota? A couple of thousand? For another,

Blame Heimdal Derailment On The Anti-Pipeline Activists

At some point, we’re going to have to acknowledge that all the oil conditioning rules and track inspectors in the world aren’t going to change the fact that we’re producing more oil than the rails can handle. This morning came news of another oil train derailment, this time near Heimdal, North Dakota. Every time one