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How To Break 15 Laws In 33 Seconds

How To Break 15 Laws In 33 Seconds

Recently, at the midway crossover break in North Dakota’s legislative session, I wrote a post about the growth of North Dakota’s legal code which has been substantial over the years (in a depressing follow-up, the legislature passed 72% of the laws it considered in the first half). Via Hot Air, here’s a video illustrating why

"We need to move away from the idea that every act we find immoral, repugnant, or unsavory needs to be criminalized."

“Every new criminal law gives prosecutors more power,” writes Radley Balko. “Once we have so many laws that it’s likely we’re all breaking at least one of them, the prosecutor’s job is no longer about enforcing the laws, but about choosing which laws to enforce.” And when Balko writes about the growth in our criminal