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University System Backs Off Requests For Open Records Exemptions

University System Backs Off Requests For Open Records Exemptions

The State Board of Higher Education caused a stir recently when they announced their intention to seek exemptions from open records laws. As initially described, the university system wanted to exempt performance evaluations of the university presidents from open records requests. They also wanted to exempt draft audit reports. Now they’re backing off those requests.

Audio: Higher Ed Board Members Talk About Lack Of Trust In University Presidents

On July 31st I filed an open meetings complaint with Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem’s office. I was guest hosting a radio show for WDAY that morning, but a SAB reader had tipped me off that the State Board of Higher Education had requested that the public leave an open meeting at their retreat on the

SBHE Member: Complaints About Legislative Funding Of Universities Are "Hogwash"

The last meeting of the North Dakota Board of Higher Education had to remove the issue of tuition hikes from their agenda after students complained that they hadn’t been given proper notice of the issue. At today’s meeting of the SBHE the issue was very much on the agenda, and watching the debate for anyone

State Senator: REAC Building Loan May Be Illegal

The interim Government Finance Committee is addressing the controversial REAC building sale from the now-defunct UND Research Foundation to the University of North Dakota. North Dakota University System Chancellor threw himself under the bus on the sale, apologizing to the State Board of Higher Education for handling it inappropriately. Legislators are upset that the deal

Video: Chancellor Skogen Apologizes For Handling Of REAC Building Sale

The sale of a research building from now-closed down UND Research Foundation to the University of North Dakota itself has raised eyebrows. The legislature is currently investigating the matter (an interim committee is hearing it today), but at a meeting of the State Board of Higher Education a contrite Chancellor Larry Skogen apologized for the

State Board Of Higher Ed Member Suspended From Practicing Law

State Board of Higher Education member Grant Shaft, the former president of the board, has been suspended by the North Dakota Supreme Court from practicing law for 30 days. Here’s the docket. A pertinent excerpt from the order: In the Stipulated Facts and Conclusions of the Stipulation, Consent to Discipline and Recommendations of Hearing Panel,

Angry University President Gets His Diaper Changed By Higher Ed Board

KXNet – Bismarck/Minot/Williston/Dickinson Yesterday Minot State University President David Fuller, who was “so furious his voice was shaking” according to the Minot Daily News, demanded that outgoing Chancellor Hamid Shirvani’s evaluation of him be expunged from his record. He also expressed outrage that his evaluation would appear on a blog before he had a chance

Board Of Higher Ed Approves Average 4.1% Tuition Hike

With a representative for the North Dakota Student Association arguing for the increases, as well as Sidney Hull the student member of the State Board of Higher Education, North Dakota’s students got hit with another heavy tuition increase. The average across all the universities is about 4.1%. Chancellor Shirvani opposed the increases which were proposed

North Dakota's State Board Of Higher Ed Is Their Own Worst Enemy

It’s become clear to honest observers that the campaign of personal destruction against Chancellor Hamid Shirvani is being driven by the state’s university system, and their legislative/student stoolies, because they don’t want to be governed. The university system’s presidents want a rubber stamp for a chancellor, not someone intent on bringing reform and accountability to

Why Didn't The Full State Board Of Higher Education Officially Back Shirvani?

Over the weekend the North Dakota Student Association, claiming to represent the state’s 48,000 or so college students but really representing a vocal faction that is little more than a rubber stamp for the university presidents, cast a vote of no confidence for embattled Chancellor Hamid Shirvani. In response, members of the State Board of