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North Dakota Chamber Of Commerce Begs Locals To Cut Property Taxes

North Dakota Chamber Of Commerce Begs Locals To Cut Property Taxes

When it comes to taxing and spending policy, there is no area causing North Dakotans more consternation than property taxes. Last year a group of conservative citizens put on the ballot a measure to abolish property taxes, but it was soundly defeated after a vicious attack campaign lead by the North Dakota Chamber of Commerce

It's Funny How Politicians Are Never Around With Economic Development Projects Go Sour

Today Congressman Kevin Cramer posted this picture on his Facebook page showing himself, Senator John Hoeven and Senator Heidi Heitkamp (among other dignitaries) breaking ground at the Norther Plains Commerce Center. Bobcat, which once upon a time had fled the industrial park which has been heavily subsidized by the government, has returned and is building

North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple

This Year's Roughrider Award Ceremony Might Be A Little Awkward

In the past Governor Jack Dalrymple, and his predecessor Governor John Hoeven, have been criticized for picking too many Republicans for the state’s Roughrider Award. Several of the most recent recipients have, it’s true, been big contributors to Republican politics, though I’m not sure that should necessarily diminish the accomplishments that earned them the award.

North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple

When Do You Plan On Governing, Governor Dalrymple?

We all know that North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple is a lead-from-behind sort of leader. He doesn’t like to be out in front on issues. Reticence was a feature of former Governor John Hoeven’s time in office, and Dalrymple has carried on the tradition into his own term of government. Dalrymple, like Hoeven, prefers to

Video: Governor Jack Dalrymple Says He Doesn't Have Any "Personal Beliefs" About Pro-Life Bills He Signed

Last night Chris Berg interviewed Governor Jack Dalrymple on his Valley News Live Show. I believe it’s the first time Governor Dalrymple has given an interview since signing three controversial pro-life bills into law. During the interview, Berg asked the governor why he signed the bills into law. Dalrymple told him it was because so

Local Control Shouldn't Mean A Blank Check For Local Governments

Since 2007, North Dakota’s state government has been trying to solve a local government property tax problem. High property taxes are driving public dissatisfaction, but what’s driving high property taxes is local spending. Yet, local government officials have been very effective redirecting the angst over property taxes to state leaders. And, unfortunately, Governor John Hoeven

Will North Dakota Democrats Be Dropping Their Opposition To Corporate Tax Relief?

Over the last several legislative sessions, because the State of North Dakota has been enjoying a tax revenue windfall, various tax relief measures have been debated before the legislature. One area of tax relief that has passed has been reductions in the corporate income tax rate, which Democrats hate. Democrat Senate Minority Leader Mac Schneider