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Gun Control Not Stopping Criminals From Getting Guns

Gun Control Not Stopping Criminals From Getting Guns

“You have this paradox in that New Jersey has arguably the toughest gun laws in the nation yet has a city within it that has gun violence at Third World country rates,” Camden County Chief of Police Scott Thomson is quoted as saying in this USA Today story about crime in the City of Camden.

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There Have Been More Than 73 Million Firearm Background Checks Under President Obama

It’s not news that there’s been a huge spike in gun sales under President Obama – Americans have been buying up guns since the earliest days of his term – but it does look as though the trend is slowing a bit towards the end of his time in office: CNS News – There have

New Jersey Legislature Passes Bill Banning Non-Union Workers From Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Contracts

Hurricane Sandy relief bill was the subject of much political theater as it worked its way through Congress in Washington DC, with local officials including Governor Chris Christie bemoaning delays in assistance for their communities. But in New Jersey the state Senate just passed a bill that will make relief efforts more expensive, and more