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Our Increasingly Orwellian Society

Our Increasingly Orwellian Society

America is a fractured place these days, but the problem isn’t just ideology. Democratic societies have been divided along philosophical lines for about as long as there’s been democracy. So it goes. What’s troubling is our growing disdain for those who disagree with us and the bizarre ways in which that is manifesting itself. For

Some Things Are Scarier Than Terrorism

The news that the NSA is monitoring pretty much every phone call in America, and accessing our electronic communications as well, is scary stuff. There may be no more certain evidence of how disconcerting the American public is finding these revelations than the fact that George Orwell’s classic novel about a future, dystopian surveillance state

Irony: Sales Of Orwell's 1984 Up 68% In The Midst Of NSA, IRS Scandals

Part of it is no doubt because the book’s 64th anniversary took place on June 8th, but it’s hard not to see a new interest in Orwell’s tale of a dystopian future in which “Big Brother” watches everything you do resulting from recent scandals in our federal government. According to Amazon’s Movers and Shakers list,

Attorney General Finds NDSU Broke Open Records Law In Responding To Petition Fraud Request

Back in October, as officials at North Dakota State University refused to make public what discipline a group of Bison football players would face from either the university or the athletics department after they forged thousands of signatures on two petitions, I filed an open records request for the information. Today Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem