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It's Easy To Ban Fracking When You Don't Have Any Oil

It's Easy To Ban Fracking When You Don't Have Any Oil

Yesterday this strange piece railing against fracking in something called Yes! Magazine came across my radar. It’s a story, written by Yes! Editor-At-Large Sarah van Gelder, chronicling the process through which the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation banned fracking back in 2012. Apparently van Gelder visited North Dakota, specifically the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, and has all sorts

oil tax

What's Really Motivating Tribal Saber Rattling Over Oil Tax Reforms?

The Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation – also know as the Three Affiliated Tribes of the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation – are continuing to make noises about withdrawing from what has been an extremely lucrative oil tax deal with the State of North Dakota. “North Dakota Native Americans hint at exiting state oil tax deal,”

So Fracking Racist

Apparently, according to a “health justice organizer” who spoke at a rally against hydraulic fracturing in Colorado, domestic oil development is racist because it targets “communities of color.” This may come as a surprise to North Dakota, one of the nation’s leaders in shale oil development, where the population is about 90 percent white according to


ND Natural Gas Flaring Continues To Fall Hitting 24 Percent In September

The latest report monthly on North Dakota’s oil and gas development is out. The state set a new record for oil production in September at 1,184,635 barrels/day, and a new record for gas production at 1,403,448 MCF/day. But just as importantly, the percentage of gas flared in the state has hit a new low at


In North Dakota, Flaring Is Higher Under Obama's Jurisdiction Than The State's

Flaring is a hot-button issue in North Dakota. The oil boom here produces a lot of natural gas as a by-product, and because the boom, well, boomed so quickly the infrastructure to capture the gas hasn’t kept up. So a lot of it – far too much – is burned off. It’s become a political