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There Is No “Demand for Ethanol” if the Government Has to Make People Use It

There Is No “Demand for Ethanol” if the Government Has to Make People Use It

This quote, from a news story about the woes the ethanol industry is facing, has to be one of the least self-aware comments I’ve read in a while: “The demand for ethanol is there. If you look at the RFS, the demand for ethanol is supposed to be 15 million gallons of corn-based ethanol. That’s

Iowa Biofuel Plant Shuts Down as Government-Mandated Demand Dries Up

Earlier this month I wrote about the struggles of North Dakota’s ethanol industry due to actions taken by the Trump administration to waive mandates from the federal Renewable Fuels Standard. Those mandates require refiners to blend a certain amount of ethanol into the fuels they sell. Refiners don’t like that for various reasons, not the

Ethanol’s Struggles as Government Eases Mandates Should Make Farm Country Very, Very Scared

Ethanol policy is an absolute disaster waiting to happen. It’s a ticking time bomb, waiting to blow up in our collective faces. The government’s promotion of ethanol has created a very large market for American farmers – corn farmers, specifically – to sell their crops into. Corn is, by a country mile, America’s #1 crop.

What Happens if the Ethanol Bubble Pops?

I’m not sure many people in the general public realize just how much of farming today is in service of the ethanol industry. I got to thinking about this thanks to a recent (and fascinating) article from Bloomberg about land use in the United States of America. The representation of land dedicated to ethanol caught

Japan Opens Doors to American-Made Ethanol, North Dakota Democrats Hardest Hit

Yesterday I wrote a post wondering if North Dakota Democrats – U.S. Senate candidate Heidi Heitkamp and U.S. House candidate Mac Schneider, in particular – weren’t overplaying their hands in their attempts to fan the flames of rural anxiety over Trump’s trade standoff with China. The Democrats have invested so much political capital into promoting

Ethanol Boosters Are Refreshingly, but Depressingly, Honest About What They Hope to Accomplish With Expanded Mandates

No good product that is truly useful to, or desired by, the public needs to be mandated by the government. There is no need to require that citizens consume Coca-Cola or by iPhones. We purchase those products voluntarily, because we want them. It speaks volumes about the merits of ethanol that its producers must rely on

USDOT Says Bakken Oil Shipments Are An "Imminent Threat," But Not Ethanol?

Yesterday I wrote a post about oil derailments and ethanol derailments, noting that fiery and explosive ethanol derailments in the past haven’t received the same sort of political attention that oil derailments. I also noted that neither commodity should be blamed for train derailments, or the faulty tanks that rupture and explode upon derailment. The

How Is Mandated Ethanol A Victory For Consumers?

According to the Associated Press, E15 (a fuel blend with 15% ethanol) “is currently sold in fewer than two dozen stations in the Midwest, but could spread to other regions as the Obama administration considers whether to require more ethanol in gasoline.” The oil industry has been resisting that expanded mandate, but was today dealt