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In North Dakota Women Are A Lot More Likely To Graduate Than Men

In North Dakota Women Are A Lot More Likely To Graduate Than Men

The public perception of women in education is that men have the advantage, and that women need special programs and assistance to make up for disadvantages and inequalities. The problem is, it seems to be women who have the advantage in higher education over men. Earlier this week I wrote about the growing disparity between

Less Than 42% Of 2013 College Grads Are Male

Professor Mark Perry points out a troubling gender gap in this year’s crop of college graduates. Setting aside for a moment the fact that the higher education bubble is sending far too many kids off to college to get increasingly watered-down degrees in exchange for exploding levels of student loan debt, the fact that there’s

School Bans White Kids From After School Tutoring Program

The disturbing evolution in government “equality” programs is the application of discrimination to fix discrimination. We hope to inequality resulting from discrimination based on things like skin color by…discriminating based on things like skin color. Case in point, a school in Colorado which has banned white kids from an after school tutoring program. From the

War On Women: White House Pays Women 13% Less Than Men On Average

The Daily Caller has taken a look at the White House’s annual financial disclosure to Congress and ran the numbers on pay to male and female members of the administration. Their conclusion? Well, it sort of looks like a war on women. At least as our friends on the left describe it. The median 2012