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Paul Sorum Has Republicans Scratching Their Heads

Paul Sorum Has Republicans Scratching Their Heads

North Dakota political activist Paul Sorum has always had something of a combative relationship with the North Dakota Republican Party. In 2010 Sorum emerged from the state’s tea party protests to challenge then-Governor John Hoeven from the right for the NDGOP’s nomination for the U.S. Senate race. Hoeven won easily, but Sorum got a respectable

Nearly 40 Percent Of North Dakota Voters Cast Ballots Early, Up From 2010

Back in September SAB columnist James Kerian wrote in a column that Republicans, who typically disdain early voting, must adapt to it. “In a contest we must let our actions be guided by what the rules are, not what we would wish them to be,” he wrote. That statement is looking wise in light of