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Should Edward Snowden Be Allowed To Come Home?

Should Edward Snowden Be Allowed To Come Home?

The question in the headline isn’t quite the right question. Edwards Snowden, the man who leaked a treasure trove of sensitive documents to journalists blowing the lid off the NSA’s surveillance of pretty much everybody and everything, could come home today if he wanted to, but he’d likely face dire legal challenges. So the question

President Obama Is Asking For Trust In A Government That Hasn't Earned It

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about government, it’s that the power it has tends to get abused. We can talk about recent scandals (the IRS targeting conservatives) or old ones (the IRS targeting Nixon’s enemies, the spying on the civil rights movement, etc., etc.), but we know it happens. So it’s cold comfort when

NSA Whistleblower: I Could Have Read President Obama's Emails

“The most confounding thing in writing about the NSA/PRISM/Snowden clusterfark is that, if you don’t work in national security, there’s no yardstick to measure which claims are plausible and which are insane,” writes Allah. “That in itself is a brutal indictment of the surveillance state, of course: The government’s powers are so vast and so