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Something Stinks In The East Grand Forks School System

Something Stinks In The East Grand Forks School System

Bryan Perkins, the East Grand Forks teacher who was suspended after voicing concerns in an email (read it here) about class attendance habits of some of his Somali students, has gone public for the first time with comments about the incident. He has written a letter to the editor of the Grand Forks Herald asking that local

Teacher Bryan Perkins Reinstated After Refugee Student Email, But It's Hardly Time To "Move On"

Yesterday I published an email sent by East Grand Forks teacher Bryan Perkins talking about struggles he’s had with ESL (English as a second language) students, particularly Somali students who Perkins says have poor attendance. That email apparently got Perkins suspended. Today we get news that Perkins is back on the job after public outcry

Read The Email About Refugee Students That Allegedly Got East Grand Forks Teacher Bryan Perkins Suspended

According to WDAZ, a public teacher in East Grand Forks has been suspended, and while the reason for the suspension isn’t being announced officially, indications are that it has to do with an email he signed regarding the attendance of refugee students. WDAZ spoke with Perkins by phone. He said he is not allowed to

Half Million Dollar Taxpayer Loan To East Grand Forks Business Hasn't Been Paid On In 15 Years

How exactly does something like this happen? The city’s Economic Development Housing Authority held a special meeting Tuesday to discuss the $510,000 loan the body gave to Boardwalk Enterprises in 1999. There hasn’t been any payment on the loan since that time, city staff said. So the city made the loan in 1999. Now, about fifteen years

North Dakota Seeks To Take Advantage Of Minnesota Tax Hikes

Guest poster Mike Marcil, a North Dakota businessman, wrote here on SAB recently about the growing disparities between Minnesota and North Dakota taxes. “[A] family living in Moorhead making $60,000 per year will pay $3,626 per year in personal income tax vs. only $756 in North Dakota under the new tax rates,” he wrote. “A

Guest Post: North Dakota Tax Cuts Represent Dark Clouds For Minnesota Border Communities

As the 63rd North Dakota legislative session comes to a close not much has been reported about the ongoing implications of the unprecedented economic prosperity, record tax relief and increased state spending on the communities bordering North Dakota and Minnesota. According to the 2010 census there were over 122,000 residents in the seven Minnesota counties